Vimeo of Jack 6-10-16,This is a video with Jack Reutemann and Curtis Neuman speaking to some prospects about what we do. Please note the date of the video. Vimeo 6/10/16

posted Jun 10, 2016
Class Agenda,Upcoming Class Agenda

posted Aug 13, 2014
Jim Mabbutt Explanation,Audio File of Jim's explanation of No More Pies

posted Aug 13, 2014
8-6-2014 A Message from Danny Harbison,Market Summary from Danny

posted Aug 13, 2014
8-6-2014 Important Message from Toews Market Update,Market update description forwarded from Phil Toews via Jack Reutemann

posted Aug 13, 2014
SECAF MARCH 2013,Update from the Small Business Administration March 2013

posted Mar 18, 2013
Current Volitility and Toews System,Update from Jack Reutemann on 12-2-11

posted Dec 05, 2011

posted Nov 16, 2011
Tax Fees- an MP3 by Jack,6/16/11 Tax Fees. Jack gives his views of Tax fees!

posted Jun 16, 2011

posted Jun 16, 2011
,Disclosure Obligation Does Not End With Form ADV - November 2010

posted Nov 02, 2010
Letter from Rick Scott, Yurich Financial Group

posted Aug 16, 2010
NMPs Graduate Call 7-28,For those who may have missed it, or for those who just want to hear it again.

posted Aug 02, 2010
Jack's "Proof of Concept" documents for NMP 7.

posted May 26, 2010
"The Case for Indexing",Vanguard Research, April 2010.

posted May 24, 2010
NMP Grad Conference Call,May 2010 Bill Good, Jack Reutemann, Ric Lager and Bob Roarke discuss current market trends and respond to audience questions.

posted May 11, 2010
For the non-Gorilla, a campaign for Pre-Retirement - Eight Questions For Advisor

posted Apr 21, 2010
NEW! No More Pies Graduates Broadcast Feb 2010

posted Feb 17, 2010
NEW! Investment Policy Statement

posted Feb 16, 2010

posted Feb 08, 2010

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